Welcome to the ticket portal!


Now - the KVV mobile phone ticket with a significantly expanded range for iPhones and Android smartphones:

  • Single tickets (also for children) for any number of zones- from one to seven zones directly from your starting point
  • BahnCard discount now available for single trips in the entire KVV area
  • Regiosolo and Regioplus for trips in the entire KVV network - simply on the phone
  • You don't know the number of zones needed to choose your ticket? Then choose your preferred ticket directly from a travel     enquiry or find out directly from your telephone in the network plan.


How to use the KVV mobile phone ticket:

  1. Registration via the "Initial registration" item at the top of the menu.
  2. For Apple iPhone: To purchase tickets, you need the iPhone app "KVV", which you can obtain free of charge from the Apple Appstore.
  3. For Google Android: To buy tickets you need the Android-APP "KVV.ticket", which is available free of charge in the Google Play Portal.
  4. Now you can conveniently purchase tickets in just a few operating steps before you set off.
  5. Payment is made once a month using the bank account or credit card you specified when registering (important for mobile phone owners with prepaid cards: payment is not made via the mobile phone provider or provider).